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Animal Agriculture Industry: Factory Farming- Part 1

June 6, 2019

Animal Agriculture Industry: Factory Farming- Part 1

Factory Farm or, Confined Animal Feeding Operations: A large industrialized farm; especially a farm on which large numbers of livestock are raised indoors in conditions intended to maximize production at minimal cost.


The complex reality in the manner in which we- as an advanced, moral and intelligent human species- consume food for survival, comes down to the perspective we take and the responsibility we carry in our actions, our attitudes and beliefs, and the impact that we impose on the external world around us.

The human race, through hundreds of millions of years of biological animal evolution, and hundreds of thousands of years of biological homo sapien evolution, have acquired a particularly resilient method of survival by and through the consumption of our distant animal relatives along the food chain. This chain of life connects each animal species on a fundamental and spiritual level and exists to propel the planet- with its ecological and biological life forms- along as passengers on this organic space rock flying and flowing through infinity into our perception of what appears as the future.

The fact that the human race is capable of understanding and manipulating our reality on this Earth places our species above others in terms of intelligence, with our ability to dominate and control other animal species through the use of our tools and technology. The difficulty in our existence as the self-ascribed leader of the Earth’s ecosystem, lies in our distinction and definition of ethics, morals, and integrity, as an advanced, intelligent and technological human race, as we inflict the use of our tools and technology against those of lesser intelligence; those of a more primitive and wild biological operating system, on a world which we claim as ours own alone; a world in which we feel- as a result of our technological advancement- is ours to dominate and control through aggression and force under the guise of our human intelligence, and from a lack of human intelligence in lower animal species.

Our human definition of intelligence exists within a small sliver of the all-encompassing worldly and universal intelligence that pervades the entirety of life in the Universe and, in particular, the intelligence of all plant and biological life forms on the planet Earth, with its interconnected ecosystem that depends on the balance of all life forms, regardless of one egomaniacal species small definition of intelligence.

When the equilibrium of the Earth’s ecology becomes thrown off from one species greed and ignorance, the entire ecosystem suffers and threatens the balance and survival of all life forms. When our tools and technology become perfected with greater efficiency and precision- causing pollution and destruction, which poisons the minds and bodies of all life forms for the sake of the monetary profit of few governments and corporations- then all life forms suffer, including the lives of the supposed intelligent and advanced human race that perpetuates the myth of speciesism and biological hierarchy among all of the Earth’s life forms.

The question of human ethics and morals, in connection with human technology and intelligence, confronts few issues as convoluted and complex as our methods of survival through the consumption of animal life forms through the process of mass slaughter within the factory farming industry.

Human beings, like all forms of life, require food for survival, which typically comes from animals of a lower, weaker, and less intelligent plant and animal species along the food chain. But as human beings perfect the function of industrialized machines for mass slaughter of sentient beings for the purpose of consumption for our survival, the conflict between our technological intelligence and moral humanity arises to challenge what it means to exist and survive as an advanced member within an interconnected ecosystem that relies on the balance of all life forms, both sentient and docile, on this organic space rock.

As human intelligence and conscious awareness- of ourselves, of others, of the planet and Universe around us, expands to encompass all living and static forms of life- catches up with the ignorant actions and cruel reality of factory farming from our past, we are forced to address the mistakes in our behavior in the present time as we move forward as an ecologically aware and environmentally conscious species of advanced and intelligent human beings.

A time will come when human beings look back upon our treatment of animals in factory farms similar to how we look back at our treatment of slaves, indigenous peoples and minorities from the past.


Corporate-Government Protected Industrialized Farming

The factory farming industry- like the prison and military-industrial complex; like the pharmaceutical industry; like the mainstream media; like the financial industry; like the American government in its domestic and global dominance-are too concentrated, they control too much, own too much, and possess too much power over the people and planet by wielding profit through manipulation of the social, economic, environmental, and political system at the expense of the poor, of women, children, and minorities, and any individuals that do not exist within the oppressive, corporate-government megastructure that dictates the lives and realities of American citizens under our current system of control and way of life. A system that demands profit and productivity over morality and the human ecological connection with the Earth and its myriad of species.

When corporations consume, acquire, buy-up or merge with smaller companies to form monopolies, the quality of the product or service drops in their relentless quest for profit. As a corporations focus transforms from providing for the public good through ethical and moral practices, to acquiring greater amounts of profit at any cost- even the cost of the ethics and integrity of a supposedly advanced, moral human race- then our purpose and methods for survival must be challenged to protect against the inhumanity of profit-seeking, amoral, faceless corporations that willingly abandon and ignore our advanced, intelligent, human connection with our distant sentient animal relatives, with the Earth and its interconnected ecosystem for the sake of short-term, monetary, material wealth.

This government-protected corporate consolidation and concentration of the factory farm and agricultural industry represents crony capitalism run amok, rather than the free-market capitalism that encourages competition that lies at the foundation of the United States. Government protected monopolies are anti-capitalism and anti-American, but are allowed to flourish by the current United States government due to the large amounts of money that these corporations pay directly to politicians through campaign bribes, and to federal lobbying- the changing of public laws to favor corporations over people- which sustains the governments growth and power, and allows corporations and industries, like factory farming, to expand, to pollute the environment, to diminish nutrition standards, and abandon our human connection with nature by removing it and placing it within an amoral corporate-profit machine.

Americans take healthy and active animals from the wild; stuff them in cages in dark warehouses that lack oxygen and are filled with dangerous gas from the fumes of animal urine and feces; shoot them up with hormones and antibiotics to increase their fat content and prevent against the diseases which these dark warehouses create; breed the animals for mass slaughter; and then feed these newly created hybrid, lab-grown imitation beasts, infested with sickness and disease, to healthy humans. Over time, these previously healthy and active humans– who once fought to survive in the wild against wild animals- must now resort to purchasing and consuming sickness and disease-infested factory grown animals, in addition to paying for the subsidies that American taxpayers provide to these factory farm corporations that inflict this sickness upon us in their quest for profit over human health, moral dignity, and planetary sustainability.

This cycle of sickness, disease, death, and destruction- paid for by taxpayers- within the factory farming industry bleeds into and consumes the planets vital natural resources through poison and pollution of the atmosphere and environment, and threatens the balance of the Earth’s ecosystem, with interruptions in the animal food chain, which encourages the creation of disease-infested, antibiotic-resistant, factory grown animals, who then transfer their sickness into the minds and bodies of humans, who must then struggle to survive with weaker immune systems, depleted energy and focus, and face the threat of contracting a deadly disease from a lab-grown, imitation beast.

This imitation meat- grown with fertilizers, hormones and antibiotics inside of dark and disease-infested factory farms- consist of cows, chickens, turkeys and pigs that lack sunlight exposure (vitamin d); are denied proper exercise, which contributes to lean body mass and helps to lower fat content; and consume diets that are high in corn, wheat, and soy, which makes it difficult for their grass digesting stomachs to dissolve without causing bacteria to leak from their gut and into the animal carcass before human consumption.

Point of Diminishing Returns

Yes, animals can be mass slaughtered for consumption, but at a cost to human health; to the planet’s ecosystem; to the Earth’s climate; to the human connection with the fundamental principle of life and consciousness in the Universe. Factory farmed imitation meat may appear cheaper for consumers, but those that base their diet around this highly processed, carcinogenic, red meat, fast food meat, antibiotic-resistant meat- which contains high amounts unhealthy fat, and which lack the proper protein and nutrients of a typical wild animal- will end up paying higher costs in medical bills and sick days from consuming poisonous flesh that is shot up with antibiotics and hormones in order to mask their sickness. Part 2

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