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Military Industrial Complex: Merchants of Death. Who Runs the World? -Part 2

July 8, 2019

Military Industrial Complex: Merchants of Death. Who Runs the World? -Part 2

American Military Establishment

The American government, military industrial establishment, and the private arms industry, which supplies the military and influences public policy through massive government bribes and Congressional campaign donations, exists to make profit through death and destruction and spreads like a parasitic virus across the globe through wars, conflict, and violence; wars in which corrupt, conquering, and deceitful governments exploit in order to sustain the growth of the private defense industry while expanding its own bureaucratic reach and oversight further into the humanitarian rights and freedoms of American and global citizens.

Like most private corporations in major industries like the fossil fuel sector; the pharmaceutical industry; the financial sector; the military defense industry and the United States government, form a symbiotic relationship, where the profits and growth of one sustains, contributes to, and expands the growth and profits of the other. This relationship exists to propel the Earth and its life forms further towards social, economic, environmental, and ecological collapse, as the majority of the vital time and resources of powerful nations, such as the United States, goes towards funding expansionist, reckless, and ineffective regime change wars in the Middle East for the profit and power of governments and private corporations.

The modern American warfare strategy in these Middle Eastern countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Iran, is to infiltrate and destabilize the region; establish a network of communication and extraction of resources; implement a new government controlled by American interests; ramp up the destruction with the help of the private arms industry, which receives a majority of its profit from American taxpayer funded government contracts; then hire private companies within the defense and fossil fuel energy industry to rebuild the regions of the world that their missiles destroyed, all with American taxpayers money.

American Military Spending

  • In 2011, the U.S. government (taxpayers) spent more on military than the next 13 nations combined.
  • In 2015, U.S. military spending consumed $637 billion of the $3.97 trillion, taxpayer funded, federal budget.
  • The United States spent $604 billion on national defense in 2016, which made up 15 percent of the $3.95 trillion in total government spending for that year.
  • The military budget for 2017 consumed 15 percent of the total U.S. federal budget; and 49 percent of total federal discretionary spending (discretionary spending means that Congress gets to decide where to allocate the money).
  • Department of Defense spending in 2017 was 3.15 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • In 2017, The United States military consumed 38 percent of global military spending, more than the next 7 largest militaries combined.
  • U.S. military budget: $696 billion in 2018; $686 billion in 2019.
  • Total national defense budget for 2019 was $716 billion, which also includes funding for energy and other national security programs aside from the military.
  • The United States consistently spends/consumes one-third of the world’s military budget (36%).

Revolving Door Between Military and Defense Industry

When we talk about, and further analyze, in depth, the relationship between the corporate-private sector and the public-government sector, we come across the egregious and corrupt actions, exploitative public policies, inhumane laws, bribes, and manipulation of the political and economic system by those that wish to use their elected- or unelected- public office to enrich themselves, their families, private corporations or some additional arm of the military industrial complex that lies hidden from the regular functions and oversight of American society.

Numerous studies show that- especially in the years after the first military conflict in the Middle East after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001- the growing and all-encompassing influence of the military industrial complex and the members of Congress who allow the enormous, taxpayer funded, military subsidies to ‘support’ our underpaid troops and protect their livelihoods and wellbeing with proper healthcare and medical treatment upon returning from serving the country, derive their influence from the power, connections, and relationships of former members of the military, especially three and four star generals of the highest rank and responsibility.

Like most billion dollar, private sector industries that play under the current model of American corporate corruption of the political process through federal lobbying to change the public laws that influence all Americans- and through campaign bribes to purchase and control puppet politicians- the corporations of the military industrial complex often take advantage of the abundance of well-meaning, well-connected, and well-respected former members of the American armed forces to act as spokespersons, lobbyists, ambassadors, liaisons and executives of their military defense corporations in order to use them to curry favor in the federal government by dangling cash carrots and whispering sweet nothings into the ears of former government officials as a means of planting a greedy virus into the minds of powerful people so that they may infect, further, the very system of government and bribery that they operated under for the majority of their lives.

From 2004 through 2008, 80 percent of the retiring three and four-star generals went to work as consultants or outright executives within the military defense industry, according to a study conducted buy the Boston Globe; this compares with less than 50 percent of three and four-star general who followed a similar path a decade earlier, from 1994 to 1998 (Boston Globe). In more recent years, 2007, for example, the move for retiring generals into the private, corporate, military industrial complex sector expands to include 34 out of a total of 39 generals, nearly 90 percent. This free-flowing stream of bureaucrats, politicians, lobbyists, corporate executives, members of the military, and others within the military industrial complex- or any billion dollar industry that infiltrates the public government for their private profit without the necessary checks and balances to prevent this greed and corruption at the expense of taxpayer dollars- harms not only the American healthcare and economic system, but also the livelihoods, physical and mental health, and overall wellbeing of every citizen that must sacrifice their liberty and freedom to prop and the private sector and sustain the growth of bloated government.

This ‘revolving door’ that allows former members of the government to immediately enter into private positions of corporate power and influence after retiring from public office- and former members of private corporations to enter into positions of government- threatens the democratic stability and sociopolitical security of regular American citizens that lack the power and influence to manipulate and exploit the political system for their own private gain. The systemic corruption that allows this revolving door to exist between official government regulators and the private corporations that these officials are supposed to regulate, expands in reach the greater the number of individuals that pass through these doors without the necessary oversight from the regular civilian’s in American society.

Saving Americans from Federal Government

From the inception of the United States of America, through much volatility, hostility, and varying degrees transparency, the corporate owners, military leaders, and political legislators of the nation spread lies and disseminate ignorance across the population in order to confuse the average American citizen with disinformation, and to conjure up public support for policies and decisions which directly harm the planet, the environment, and the people; while benefitting, financially and politically, those individuals, organizations and corporations in positions of power that rule, govern, and dominate through deceit and propaganda. These lies threaten democratic stability and suppress the knowledge and understanding of the population, while promoting- and even encouraging- a low level of primal, racist, hatred, and ignorance as a means of stifling political unity among the population.

A united base of Americans from all sides of the political spectrum fighting against the oppressive tactics of the corporate-run government represents the greatest threat to the current power structure; but by pitting the two established political parties against one another on divisive social issues such as gun violence, abortion, the tax system, climate change, among others, the ruling political and corporate class gains an important tool in striking down and silencing the poor, middle class, and minority opposition without resorting to the classic and cruel totalitarian and authoritarian methods of government through cultural suppression, social oppression, economic austerity, and political tyranny. If the average American citizen rips apart the foundation of democracy and free society from within, by attacking the beliefs of their neighbors, the corporate-government may sit idly by as they capture greater amounts of power and wealth from the lower socioeconomic classes.

For the American military, political and corporate leaders, divide and conquer remains the standard operating procedure to counteract the sociopolitical powers of democratic society; and, for the free and independent members of American society, challenging and uniting against the governments lies requires a higher level of conscious thought and understanding that looks past the small, superficial social and political differences of their fellow citizens in order to stand together in the areas where the beliefs of both the average constituents of the Democratic and Republican parties intersect to stand up against the tyranny and deceit of oppressive American political, mainstream media, military, and corporate leaders. This unity from both parties represents the sole impediment, the primary roadblock, and main issue preventing the poor, middle, and minority classes from engaging in a political and social revolution to recapture and remake the type of free and democratic government that lies, -hidden from years of government corruption- at the foundation of the United States of America.

The current corporate elite, corrupt political, and deceitful mainstream media classes that own and control the mechanisms behind the function of this supposed free and democratic nation, regurgitate their cliches and political platitudes to slightly please and satisfy the masses, but continue to grin through fake smiles and flaccid handshakes that uncovers their true natures and reasons for gaining positions of power through feigned knowledge, intelligence, and desire for public service. Under this current system of corporate financed and taxpayer subsidized government- where corporations and politicians receive the majority of new profits off of the backs of poorly paid Americans; taxpayers who then bail these corporations out through subsidies if they fail to meet their profit goals- the average American family fails to receive the financial safety, health and political security of a properly functioning democracy, now owned and dominated by powerful monied interests.

The archaic and tired method of creating divisiveness through lies and propaganda takes the script from past authoritarian and totalitarian political rulers and powerful nation-states, and flips it, by adding the convenient twist of American freedom and capitalism to the mix of big-government oppression and totalitarian surveillance. Deceit and propaganda under an outright fascist and totalitarian state is a dangerous act of aggression and terror; but these same lies told from the hallowed wings and venerable government of a democratic and capitalist nation- such as the leader of the free world- are simply a necessary result, a by-product, a feature of this freedom, as long as the lies enrich the politicians, corporations, the mainstream media channels and newspapers who distort- and even change the truth altogether- for their own private profit and for the expansion of their power at the social, political, environmental, and economic expense of the American people. These established political, corporate, economic, and military networks that lie hidden underneath the foundation of our free and democratic American society exist to trample on, eliminate, and siphon off any economic or social progress of the people to direct into the coffers of the wealthy and powerful.

The mainstream media remains complicit in pushing this propaganda as they pursue their own relentless quest for profit at any and all costs, ultimately sacrificing journalistic integrity for the opportunity to spread government lies in front of the eyes of unassuming Americans. The greatest challenge in modern times, with the advent of social media and the 24 hour news cycle, is to sift through this constant stream ignorant nonsense for long enough to decipher the underlying foundation of truth hidden beneath the profit pulling lies of powerful politicians, government officials, and the once respected purveyors of journalistic truth and freedom of speech from those writers and reporters protected at the heart of the First Amendment.

White lies at the social level of the human species may protect against certain uncomfortable and avoidable situations. But the distortion of truth by democratically elected representatives of a free and open society expands to corrupt and interrupt the flow of information for the benefit of the powerful at the expense of the poor. The propaganda, hyper-partisan, and polarized system of modern mainstream media channels, newspapers and political parties, operates with the intent of spreading confusion and ignorance as a means of creating social and political division among the population, as well as crafting and marketing a specific, predefined political narrative that a majority of the country already knows and understands: Republican vs. Democrat; Conservative vs. Liberal; Right Wing vs. Left Wing.

To provide a new perspective, a different approach, to this preexisting mess of American media and politics, likens to speaking as a voice of reason in an alien language to a group of American zombies that only see and hear the things that distract their attention for long enough for them to forget what it was that they were doing or thinking in that particular moment. Government propaganda projected through the lens of unbiased media represents the most effective method to distract and confuse these American zombies that make up the tribal and primal voting bases of the Republican and Democratic parties.

When it comes to lies and propaganda that destabilize and corrupt American democracy, the military industrial complex- through the established networks of the United States government- distorts facts and spreads global lies to expand the growth of government and increase the revenue of the arms industry in its quest for profit through violence, death, and destruction. The United States government and its military possess the power, wealth, and tools- in conjunction with decades of practice in disseminating lies- to wreak havoc and destruction across the planet, especially in distant countries with people of darker skin colors and cultural ideologies that possess vast natural resources for extraction, but lack the economic and military power to compete and defend against the aggressive American government and military establishment.

Powerful governments use the threat of an impending attack from a foreign enemy to drag nations and their citizens into perpetual warfare, in what deceptive governments use as a means of preventing an even greater war through preemptive attacks. Imperialist governments and their militaries use this circular logic of engaging in a preemptive attack- a form of premonition- to attack before an attack has occurred. These treacherous governments also manipulate the truth through propaganda of previous acts of perceived violence or aggression on domestic soil, without proving that a foreign enemy conducted the attack; this situation is known at a Reichstag fire, based after an incident in Nazi Germany in 1933, in which Adolf Hitler blamed the communist Dutch government for a fire at the German Parliament, without providing evidence. This fire became the catalyst for Nazi Germany to begin its fascist and genocidal terror across Europe. On a global government conspiratorial scale, the Reichstag fire is known as a ‘False Flag’ operation, an overt act of deception intended to mislead, disguise the truth, confuse, misinform, distort, and manipulate a group of people into falling for a lie. The current United States government is attempting to use this false flag tactic to enter into a war with Iran.

False Flag Lies from the United States Government (there are dozens, if not hundreds, of incidents throughout American history)

  • The Spanish-American War of 1898 began after the U.S. government blamed Spain for an internal explosion on the U.S.S. Maine, an American Navy vessel floating off the coast of Cuba.
  • Operation Northwoods: Proposed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Heads of the Military Branches) but rejected by President John F. Kennedy in 1962, in which the U.S. Department of Defense planned various acts of terrorism against American and Cuban citizens in order to blame and enter into a war with Cuba. Some of the suggested acts of foreign and domestic terrorism by the United States government against its own citizens include: Hijack or shoot down an American or Cuban civilian passenger plane; sink a U.S. ship (similar to the USS Maine explosion that started the Spanish-American War); burn crops; sink a Cuban refugee boat; arm friendly Cuban mercenaries to fight against their own Communist government; conduct terrorist attacks within American cities
  • The Gulf of Tonkin Incident of 1964: A lie from the American government to drag the United States further into the Vietnam War, in which American government officials falsified an attack on a U.S. Navy destroyer by the North Vietnamese in order to accelerate the Vietnam War and increase the Red Scare Communist McCarthyism occurring within the United States.
  • The most egregious, arrogant and recent false flag operation from the deceptive, cruel, and corrupt U.S. government occurred after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. After declaring war on Afghanistan for harboring the orchestrator of the attacks, Osama Bin Laden, the American government repeatedly lied to the public about Saddam Hussein (a former American ally) possessing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs). President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, among others, continually lied to the world in order to seize Iraqi natural resources, oil fields, poppy fields (heroin/opium), enrich the military industrial complex and one of its most powerful executives, Vice President Dick Cheney. The invasion of Iraq destabilized the Middle East, causing a chain reaction of countries such as Syria, Libya, and Yemen, to collapse from the conflict between American and Middle Eastern terrorist forces. The greater the American military aggression in the Middle East, the stronger the terrorist forces.

Before Dick Cheney became Vice President in 2001, from 1995-2000, he was the CEO of Halliburton, a military defense, arms, and energy corporation that specializes in oil field drilling, crude oil production, infrastructure, and construction and engineering services. Cheney received a $36 million severance package, with an additional $398,500 in deferred payments and stock options after leaving Halliburton that he continued to profit from during the Vice Presidency.

Halliburton received over $39 billion in taxpayer funded federal contracts related to the illegitimate War in Iraq, including $7 billion in taxpayer funded, no-bid contracts, which means that the corporation in question names the price for their services and the U.S. government pays, using American taxpayer dollars, without opening the bidding for other companies to compete by offering a lower price. No-bid contracts are far more costly to taxpayers and signify a blank check for private corporations within the military industrial complex to manipulate and exploit the political process and economic system for their private benefit to the detriment of American citizens. Part 3

Military glory – that attractive rainbow, that rises in showers of blood – that serpent’s eye, that charms to destroy.

President Abraham Lincoln
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