Weary Traveler

Mitch Henderson- a bum, wandering purposelessly through the dreary, neon streets of Rosenfell- must overcome his addiction to booze and bonzos by confronting his memories and defeating the trauma of his past. To improve his life, he must open his heart to love, using the cutting-edge, corpo-tech he despises most, and become his own greatest enemy.


The Forgotten God

Agnostos Theo is the weakest, loneliest, and most powerless of all of the immortal gods living in the heavenly realm of Ethedral. He is forgotten.
Agatha Reed is the nerdiest, weirdest, and most unpopular fourth grader at Olympian Elementary in Green Lagoon, Oregon. She is ridiculed.
Their paths will collide and detonate ripples of energy throughout the material and spiritual dimensions of the cosmos. They will help each other acquire more power than they had ever dreamed of, but at what cost?
Is it fate… or is it destiny?

Triton’s Curse or, the Cosmic Whale

Walter ‘Wally’ Davey is the greatest fisherman to ever live. He has captured one of every creature swimming in the Earth’s vast oceans. He has broken every record. He has accomplished every goal. The human race loves his supreme skill and worships him as God of the Sea and King of the Earth. He can do no wrong, or so he thought…

A Redemption Story…

Weary Traveler follows the spiritual, psychological, and professional journey of Mitch Henderson, a drug-addicted bum wandering purposely through the dreary, neon streets of Rosenfell. Over the course of the story, he faces mental and physical tests that challenge his understanding of time and the fundamental reality of the universe.